Pomeranian Association for Integration with
African Arts and Culture
"One World"

Guiding letter: Brief information on the idea and the motives of the project.

Our Association will try to project art, dance, literature and architecture of the African people as well as African cinematography.
We are trying to create a forum for African and Polish scholars, writers and artists to share their thoughts, experiences and knowledge from their varied historical and individual standpoints.
The Association should be seen as a communion of thought and action and of deep reflection.
The ethnocentric bias that we lived with for so long, the false dichotomy which classes the human race into "Have and have-nots", is one of the greatest historical injustice of our time.
We can only refute and reject this dichotomy by our actions and not rhetoric.
Superiority lies in our strengths and invariable spirit that rejects injustice in all its forms. It is therefore necessary to make final distinction between the ceremonial fanfare and the essence, although we must always begin that quest to the spiritual core through the obvious externalization in the arts.
There is a number of new generation artists in Africa today whose existence is certainly unknown in this part of Europe. What we are preaching, therefore, is not a return to huts and thatch, to bamboo pillars and dug toilet pits, neither are we trying to underrate or debase the cultural values of the people of Europe.
What we are yearning for is a situation where African cultural heritage can co-exist with the cultural values of the Polish people and peoples from other lands without much conflicts.
We seek a cultural harmony based on human dignity and mutual respect.
Nothing is more appropriate at this time in World history than a rediscovery of those cultural and spiritual ties which bind together mankind the world over.
In a world that moves everyday towards violence, culture remains one of the most important resources to sanity and meaningful national development.
It has proved itself a satisfying mode of promoting international friendship and understanding. This Association believes very strongly in the moderating and salvaging qualities of culture in easing world tensions through cultural exchange.
It is the full realization of these facts that has motivated the Association to take up the responsibility for organizing and staging the events embraced in this project.

African Library

The aim of this project is to bring African literature closer to the Polish society.
The Library will equally undertake publishing of African authors in Polish language.
One of the essences of a peopleís culture is their creative and artistic genius manifested in their paintings, sculpture, dances and literature.
Art. in this sense is important in identifying a people not only because itís best forms are the results of great inspiration and represent the human mind at one of its best sensitized and perceptive moments, but also because it draws on some of the most vital aspects of peoplesí history, believes and life patterns for itís composition. Art then is a storehouse, an encapsulation of the distilled modes of life, joys, fears and aspirations of a people and a priceless point of reference in studying them. Literature whether oral or written is an enduring form of this creativity and one of the most compendious of art forms. The experience of literature opens to us vast tracts of a peopleís culture. It is elevating.
We are taking up the challenge of publishing and promotion of:
African and Polish folk tales;
Literature composed and written in indigenous African languages.
Modern African literature in English and French like: Short stories, plays, novels etc. Of course, special attention will be paid to suitable materials for children and youths since the cultural awareness being celebrated is intended to speak more to the younger ones than to elders, especially in these days of confused values among youths.